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Lost In Screens

'Lost in screens' tells the story of a day in the life of an office worker who begins to lose the distinction between the sensual and the virtual lived through her world of screens. She becomes seduced by, and lost to, the virtual world of 'Second Life' until only a shadow of her former-self remains...

Real World

When searching for satisfaction, entertainment or even love, why only look to the physical world when the realities inside the virtual windows of the screen can now offer so much more?

Flat Me

Flat Me explores the difficulty in choosing between the various 'faces', or identities, we choose to present to the world on any given day. And is it really us that chooses how we are perceived in any case? Made using a stills camera, imovie and a pair of scissors.

The Domestic Fitness Training System(TM)

This training video teaches an exciting new style of fitness: 'Domestic Fitness'(TM). A revolutionary technique that enables the learner to achieve a high level of fitness whilst also gaining extreme levels of speed and efficiency in necessary household tasks. Made by Rosie Holmes, CiCi Blumstein and Nicola Genovese.

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